Monday, June 14, 2010

Random facts

My fingernails are 10 different colors.
I prefer salad to be cooked.
My house is covered with clothes from Goodwill that I am redesigning.
I like my chocolate dark.
I forgot to put stamps on my outgoing mail today, so the postman kindly left them in the box.
I am addicted to good coffee!

Tell me a random fact about yourself.


Petra said...

I love random facts. :)

I just borrowed Beverly Hills, 90210 DVDs from my niece and am getting ready to watch them. I haven't seen it since it was on in high school, when I used to sneak and watch it when I could, because of course I was not allowed to watch it in my house. lol I'm pretty sure this show is not going to stand the test of time, but whatever. I love TV on DVD. :)

singlefire said...

Love you blog YBP!

Random fact...hmm...I love red lipsticks. Unfortunately my lower lip curls a little sometimes leaving a thin red line on my chin. However, it is a small price to pay for something that makes me feel good about myself even in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms on a bad day.


Yellow bobby pins said...

Petra - TV on DVD is always better!! I think I'm on my 4th time through with Gilmore Girls....maybe I'd better try 90201, too and catch up on all that I missed. :-)

And Calah - Red lines on lips and red smudges on teeth are a small price to pay. Fun to have you "stop by" here.