Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Put on your pretty skirt

This skirt from Anthropologie was my inspiration for today's upcycled skirt. I love the rolled hem combined with a classic pencil skirt.

My version of Anthropologie's skirt. I used an old pair of pants, cut them down to size. I sewed about a 2.5 inch hem and played with the fabric, separating it, rolling it and pinning it in place. I stitched the creases, folds and rolls in place. A new skirt, ready to wear!

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Petra said...

I love it!!!

singlefire said...

Love Anthropologie! Love the new skirt! Do you have a sewing machine? What kind of sewing machine do you recommend? I've been looking around for a long time but I'm not sure which will last longer and be more efficient.


Yellow bobby pins said...

Thanks Calah! My machine is a Janome - probably near the bottom of the line, but all the parts are metal so I know it will last me a while. And it can handle all the different stitches I want. Hope that helps!

Adele said...

Love the upcycled clothes! Keep posting your creations!